Friday, September 21, 2012

Soggy Interlude

We have been having an uncharacteristic, steady succession of rain storms recently, and several during the past week have caused flooding. The picture shows the road near my driveway, with my dog enjoying the flow. The road washed out and I cannot currently get to my house. Separated from my system, a temporary and not-very-hardshipped refugee, I decided finally to write down my process for creating the sound files I share. Look for the Sound Process link to the left, or here.

I was able to hike around the flooded area. To the left is a picture of the swollen creek that illustrates the reason for the flood. The bridge on the left is where the creek used to naturally flow, but over decades of erosion, it has 'wanted' to cut a new path to the right. Planners have desired it to behave, and endeavor to force the creek into its old bed. Six years ago they built a dike to the right of the trees in the center of the picture, after the creek cut through the road during another flood. Obviously, the creek wins again.

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Chris Albertyn said...

Thanks for that description. Click repair is amazing, though I only use it when clicks are intruding. I have not yet had time to learn Abelton Live 8 properly to get at filters for taking out hum - but hope to get there one day. Hope you get back home soon. Cheers- Chris