Thursday, January 5, 2023

Sunny Ade & His Green Spot Band – The Master Guitarist Vol. 1 (1970)

After a prince, how about a king? Long before Sunny Ade became the music industry hope for a successor to Bob Marley, he was constructing his iconic lyrical guitar style and juju magic. 

This first Master Guitarist album from 1970 sounds fresh, half a century since release, even if the sound quality is not equal to later studio releases made with more sophisticated equipment. Most of the songs are tributes to people, perhaps benefactors underwriting the band. Percussion percolates as Ade's voice and guitar weave throughout.

Very tasty!

Truly enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Prince Thony Adex And His Sedico System – Sunny Ade Judgement Special (1986)

Sunny Ade Judgement Special was nearly the last record released by NYC-based Makossa International Records, a reissue of a Nigerian 1976 release. I'm not sure what the first side title track concerns, not understanding Yoruba. Is it complementary, or a swipe at his contemporary and ascendant juju star competitor? As can be seen on one of his earlier albums (available at the invaluable Global Groovers treasure chest), Thony Adex certainly had some interest/obsession with Sunny Ade.

Regardless of motive, this record is a sweet slice of juju from this unheralded musical prince that will please anyone who grooved to Sunny Ade, King.

Happy 2023!