Monday, July 28, 2014

Akendengue – Sarraounia (1986)

Reflecting on the nearly thirty years that have passed since this record was issued, it is shocking to realize how profoundly the world has changed. While we endeavor to preserve forgotten music from that era, I fear we have been less successful conserving the spirit of the day, when the culture of rebellion and revolution was vibrant. Indeed, even in the (many) months since I have been able to contribute here, the state of the world has altered dramatically.

Sarraounia is the seminal anti-colonial movie from the great Mauritanian director, Med Hondo.   Who better to provide the music for a liberation movie than Pierre Akendengue, whose entire repertoire is filled with liberty?

Like most soundtracks, there is some repetition with versions for different scenes. This is a short album, and it will be a short introduction to it as well, for my time is still considerably limited. If you have not seen the movie, too bad, for it truly may be virtually lost, but at least here you can listen to its voice. Akendengue's beautiful music gives me hope, and that is a good thing.