Friday, September 14, 2012

Foday Musa Suso, Tamba Suso, Jarju Kuyateh - Mansa Bendung (1986)

It is tempting to seek solace through music, when radical fundamentalists whose god is money are using brute force and hegemonic media control to obscenely enrich themselves. The power grab is global, as my esteemed colleague at WorldService illustrated a few days ago, but nowhere is it more repugnant than here in the U$, where a cynical election facade progresses despite the fact that the predominant voters are corporations.

With its hereditary roots stretching centuries into the past, West African kora is amongst the most sublime, peaceful musics of the world, potentially offering solace. Gambian kora virtuoso Foday Musa Suso has based himself in the U$ for decades, having worked with and influenced diverse musicians, which I discussed in my 2011 posting of Suso's Mandingo Griot Society debut.

This album developed spontaneously when two of Suso's compatriots visited New York. A studio session was quickly arranged, and the trio recorded on New Year's Day of 1986. Tamba Suso is a formidable singer, and on this record he sings with passion. Side B has three kora instrumentals where Suso's kora deliciously intertwines with that of Jarju Kuyateh. The three songs with vocals are rousing, but even though the instrumentals are more peaceful, they also contain tremendous energy -- enough to make you want to get up and do something.


nauma said...

don't worry R.
this life has always been a state of war and we will be ready for the next phase... smiling ,singing and dancing

and in case you missed my new home

aduna said...


The new aduna Blog is ready now...
Feel free to visit it & to make a link on your site if you like it.


Rhythm Connection said...

thanks for checking in. I had already added your new links. :) Nice to see you back!

Anonymous said...

An album that did not know and it I had found, would surely have let pass.

Thank to approach this album so exciting, the distance from home makes the three musicians go in single vibration, really appreciated, only a friend can make a gift like that.

Get up and do something, would be in Bamanakan some like this "An ka wili"and I think we are already doing, because the enemy is a thousand-headed monster that own a weapon of mass destruction, called lie.

mela.... said...

I like also the other Foday Musa with his electric kora and experimental music with Bill Laswell and others but "naked" is even better
All three are great but I especially like the voice of Tamba Ssuso

A magical moment captured for e-ternity
A billion thanks for sharing the beauty

David said...

Thank you for this one - it *sounds* as spontaneous as your description of the recording session, great to hear. And I love the happy picture on the album sleeve too ! A real joy.