Monday, May 9, 2011

Ledy Youla - Maitre Ledy Youla (1988)

Ledy Youla passed a formative time in Guinea's Boiro Band before spending years as a key saxophonist and vocalist in the Rail Band and Les Ambassadeurs Internationeax, before settling in Paris. This rare record is his only album. It's funny how one can forget about favorite music on records after being inundated with CDs for many years, but on hearing it again can be moved in exactly the same original way. From the excellent opening song, "Alou Kele Dabila," through the six following diverse tracks, I really like this record. I hope you will as well.


urijenny said...

Che, muchas gracias. Muy lindo blog y excelente material. Saludos.

Rhythm Connection said...

Con mucho gusto y gracias para visitar mi blog.

Anonymous said...

Being a horny guy, I cant wait to hear the sax in this recording
wuod k

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought I had a copy of Maitre Ledy Youla’s only album, as a leader, but it seems neither of us have :)

I have a K7 issued in Senegal, dated 1996, distributed by Talla Diang, called ‘Teria bana’ which, like ‘Alou kebe dabila/Soukabe’, is very nice – a mixture of cheerful tunes and bouncy rhythms, veering off sometimes towards reggae.

Only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. Nice stuff.


Clive said...

I have an LP from Ivory Coast that's not listed anywhere. Tracks:
Aye Dallo
Leydi Menafrique