Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tshala Muana - Munanga (1988)

Congolese pop music has been dominated by men, as has the music of most African countries. During the '80s a few women emerged from the shadows of the grand rumba lingala bands, to make their mark. Tshala Muana was one of those, and this is a great album showcasing the traditional mutuashi rhythms she incorporated into her repertoire.

Souzy Kasseya arranged the album and provided solid lead guitar, supported by a stellar band including Maika Munan and Miguel Yamba on guitars, and Manu Lima and Phillippe Guez on keyboards. Only on one cut do programmed drums intrude, while on "Kapinga," the opening cut on side two, the synthesized sounds work perfectly.

This album was produced by the brilliant Ibrahima Sylla, and it reflects his astute packaging of talent to reach a global audience. Now it reaches you.


Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you for sharing this and other wonderful music. Apurva from Pune, India.

Rhythm Connection said...

Hello Apurva. I wondered when you would stop by. Thanks for your kind words; they mean a lot since I have seen your comments on other sites and know that you have discriminating taste. Please stay tuned: There is a lot more, including Zimbabwean, to come.

cheers, robert

Unknown said...

I just discovered this blog. I love the music!! great stuff, Ed

dial africa said...

Yes, it's nice to have another female voice from the Congo here. Later Tshala went a bit too much into that sort of Zaire synth pop as far as I heard her music. But this one's really o.k. I like this flowing sound introduced by Tabu Ley and Mbilia Bel.

Anonymous said...

I saw her several times erforming

wuod k