Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bembeya Jazz National - "Yekeke" (1986)

The third and final of this phenomenal series: Exquisite singing, luscious horns, dreamy and driving guitars, the timeless Malinke classic "Yekeke," and a lovely, nostalgic revisit to Cuban roots in "Yarabi." This album has it all.

If you would like a comprehensive collection of Bembeya Jazz National during the golden years, I recommend searching for Bembeya Jazz National: The Syliphone Years, a double-CD released by Sterns Africa a few years ago. But here is your chance to complete this superb collection from a golden era.

At least one friend had problems with this download file that might be a name-sensitivity issue with a particular browser/operating system combination, so I've re-upped this and the previous post's files.


Anonymous said...

I have a strange problem, the compressed folder of the two albums (Moussokoro,Yekeke)asked me for a password.

I download again the two files and it happens again, I tried to extract the contents in to another computer and also ask me for the password.
It happens to someone else?

Rhythm Connection said...

Hi Ngoni,

I just downloaded this one and it decompressed normally. There is no password protection on it. These were the first two files that had quotations around the "title," to denote that it was a song name. I've removed those in the file name. Perhaps that will solve your problem? Both of those files have been downloaded over 100 times already, and I haven't heard from anyone else with a problem. I hope this works for you!!

Anonymous said...

I suspect you're right about the quotes, when I download the file the quotes have become two underscores on either side of the title.
Changing the Explorer to Firefox browser, get a folder with just a simple score before the title,but it also asks for the password.

The problem persists after changing the title, the folder is the same.

Rhythm Connection said...

Re-upped for you, Ngoni. I hope this solves your problem.