Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kaba Mane - Chefo Mae Mae (1986)

It is my pleasure to offer you one of my favorite albums, this gem of koussounde from Guinea-Bissau. The first and title track always sends chills down my spine. Kaba Mane began as a kora player, and he took his skills to the guitar. Music from Guinea-Bissau often features interesting and intense percussion, and this album is no exception. The dynamic rhythm and style are credited as Mane's invention.

Kaba Mane released another album in 1989, which I will upload before long, but this one is a masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant - especially that first track. Puts some other guitarists in the shade.

David said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed this. Great to hear something from Bissau, there always seems to be something exciting in the music coming from there!