Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Bend Down Low (1989)

From Ghana comes this upbeat album that captures a unique performer who took highlife and transformed it, with his vocal style that people have compared to rap. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley calls his music simigwa, and even today it sounds fresh. Threads of soca, reggae and funk lace through the six songs on this relatively short album.

Ambolley, based in Accra, has his own website where you can learn more about him and apparently purchase CDs of his music, which is pretty hard to find elsewhere.


Hernan said...

Could you uploading the album :Priorite Soukous by Loubassou denis La cloche

Rhythm Connection said...

Sorry, don't have that one!

ken_yatta said...

Thanks for this. I can now add "Simigwa Soca" to my collection of African soca songs.

Rhythm Connection said...

You are welcome, Ken. I'd love to see your list!

mela... said...

Since I heard his song "This hustling world" on the compilation "Booniay!" I've been looking for some material Gyedu_Blay Ambolley but until today had not found anything.

I greatly appreciate you to share gems like this.

Muchas gracias, muchísimas gracias, muchísimas thanks!!!

(sorry 4 my english,complaints to google translator, i'm from Spain)

O s i b i s a b a said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful rare album with us!