Friday, April 29, 2011

Hits of Zimbabwe - Independence Special '85

Released a mere five years after the liberation of Zimbabwe, this compilation exudes the optimism of a nation emerging from domination. Beginning with a strong song by Thomas Mapfumo, this set includes many less-known bands including John Kazadi & The Desh Band, Ujamaa Jazz Band, Super Sounds and New Hard Spirits. Devera Ngwena Jazz Band has one song to lead off the second side, and there are "institutional" cuts from a union and a militia group. Songs range from chimurenga to choral, with even the echo of Queen in the Pied Piper's "We Go Say."

There have been several good CD compilations of Zimbabwean music, and some are still available online. This collection, direct from Zimbabwe, is equal to any.


Chris Albertyn said...

ooo eee .. fantastic ... thank you for sharing your great collection with us ... and for your kind intro words and link to electricjive ... it took me a while to get here .. and I really look forward to rummaging and listening, and returning the favour. I have linked your site on our blogroll. Looking forward to the journey with you. Chris over at electricjive

CC said...

Hello Robert: delighted to discover your blog! Congratulations! I am happy to see many of the albums I donated to UCLA Ethnomusicology Archives, so I can start replacing my collection. Do stay in touch: I'll be listening.

Rhythm Connection said...

CC my dear, thanks for the visit!! Albums donated to -- not to me??!! Album-less? I'll check in with you via our old-fashoned route.


Apurva Bahadur said...

Thank you. More music from Zimbabwe please. Apurva from Pune, India.