Monday, March 21, 2011

Mangungu Cley - Kazi Saza Amelia (1984)

When the youth groups of Zaire (Congo) transformed rumba lingala into soukous, the wave of international enthusiasm for the dynamic dance music pushed African music even onto the shores of the United States, where its availability and popularity have been weak compared to Europe. This album features four songs by Mangungu Cley, including the very nice Kazi Saza. While his singing solos are not the most powerful, neither do they dominate. The strength of this album is the great guitar provided by Zaiko Langa Langa veteran, Petit Poisson. The songs themselves are fine, and the guitar work and ensemble singing combine to produce a tasty listen. I hope you agree.

P.S. While the back covers of these albums are always in the folder with the music, I so far have not posted them here, to save page space. If you would prefer seeing the back of the albums included in my posts, please let me know.


dial africa said...

It's great that you can give us some more aspects to our wonderful addiction.
Wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I havent stopped playing this LP
I think the singing is great, the horns are very good and the gitas sweet.
Who played the horns?
wuod k

Rhythm Connection said...

hello woud k. included in the folder with the downloaded music are photos of the front and back covers. on the back, you could read:
Sax alto: Priso Fefe
Sax tenor: Charly Bokher
Trompette: Tete Fredo

Thanks for visiting, and your several comments!

Antonio Cueto said...

Excelente aporte lo estaba buscando, gracias amigo