Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bembeya Jazz National - Special Recueil-Souvenir (1977)

Technical problems solved, here is a wonderful album by Bembeya Jazz National. This is the reissue of a 1974 album released the year after the band's great singer and leader Aboubacar Demba Camara died in a "stupid" traffic accident in Dakar. With two tracks changed from the original, this tribute album is packed with Camara's greatest hits. Some of the songs have been collected on compilations, particularly in the excellent Stern's Africa collection Bembeya Jazz National: The Syliphone Years, which sadly appears to be out-of-print. There is a detailed Bembeya Jazz discography here, in case you are interested.

At over 53 minutes, this album is big in every way with the luscious swing of one of West Africa's finest big bands, at its prime.

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Louise Ungless said...

Thanks for this! Big fan of the Dance Band era, especially Bembeya Jazz