Friday, December 23, 2022

Ismaël Lô – Natt (1987)

Well, friends, here we are. It turns out life does not settle down, but gets crazier by the day. Yet music is central in my life, and I continue to digitize records for my radio show. When I can grab some time, I'll try to post them here.

I chose to reenter with this album from Ismaël Lô  because a reader, years ago, pleaded for it (and Xiif,  which shall follow soon). This is the third album Lô recorded after leaving Super Diamono, and it is a lush bridge between mbalax and the more global singer-songwriter style he evolved. 

While Natt was rereleased as a compilation CD in 2004, easily available for almost nothing at Discogs, I think the sound of this pristine LP is better. New link.

Happy Holidays!                         Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, and it would be nice to reup Tshala Muana's albums, in tribute to her work.

olepbr said...

So happy to see you back; happy holidays! The Mediafire link seems to have been nuked already though :–/

Issa said...

Very happy to see this wonderful blog still alive!
Unfortunatelly, it seems Mediafire doesn't work to download this post... Any chance to try another link, please?
Happy holidays and all the best

Anonymous said...

New link up.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year for you, thank you for your beautiful shares.