Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba - Le Tube De Vos Vacances (1990)

Are you sitting around, bored? Have some work to do and need something with a kick to get you through it? Or how about music to move your body without thought, which considering the state of the world, is something we all need occasionally?

Here is a high-octane blast of soukous from one of the style's most dynamic and popular bands, Empire Bakuba, with its great, large-as-life singer Pepe Kalle. The tepid ink was practically wet when I picked this record up in Zimbabwe; it was quite a hit at the time in Bulawayo. If you would prefer the graphics from the Paris release, you can find them at VibesDafrique here (though the track listing order is different and possibly incorrect on the Paris sleeve).

I previously posted two other Pepe Kalle albums here and here, but I know, you are after something fresh. Well here it is!


Mouhamadou Falilou Mbacke Ndiaye said...

I was thinking a lot about this album lately. Thanks for posting it and I'm still waiting for the special Ismael Lo and Ouzin Ndiaye albums

cp said...

yay! another winner from rhythm connection. merci!

Apurva Bahadur said...

Fantastic! Many thanks for sharing. Apurva from Pune, India.