Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ndombe Opetum - 20 Ans de Carriere (1989)

I have been on the road lately, in more ways than one, so have been unable to post regularly. Yet I did learn with sadness of the recent demise of Ndombe Opetum, via the inimitable World Service blog. I highly recommend you go there for a complete biography, pictures and a video.

While I cannot offer any deeper information about "Pepé", I can offer in tribute some music from the masterful composer/singer, who was such a presence in both Afrisa and T.P.O.K. Jazz over many years.  Today's record, on the Anytha-Ngapy label, presents two long medleys of Opetum's memorable songs.

Sadly I lost track of the album, so the (pristine) recording here is from the first-play copy I made years ago on a metal cassette. Unfortunately I have no information on the other personnel involved in this tasty session. Perhaps others could enlighten us in the comments?


dial africa said...

We've missed you. It's fine to have you back here!

FrancoPepeKalle said...

I am glad you are back. Pepe Ndombe is no longer with us. I miss him but his music will live on.

Anonymous said...

Merci, thank you for this LP

Apurva Bahadur said...

First, a welcome back and a huge hug. I thought you had given up on us. Great album - music for music's sake. Apurva from Pune, India.