Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mighty Invaders - Invasion! (1983)

Let's slip into the weekend with an easy skankin' dose of classic reggae from The Mighty Invaders. This roots band was based in Baltimore, Maryland, but recorded at two of Jamaica's legendary studios: Tuff Gong and Channel One.

It's been many years since I listened to this record, and it amazed me how familiar it is. The first song, "Hatred," sets a deep hook. Notable with this band is the key role of women singers, a relatively rare situation in roots reggae, and their voices provide a lightness that balances the deep bass and serious lyrics. This is not the heaviest reggae in my stable, by any means, but it is a fun listen to a group with talent. Dean Fraser sits in on sax. Lively up yourself!


FrancoPepeKalle said...

A friend of mine introduced me to this music by the Mighty Invaders. I am suprised to say but this band is a mighty band. This band was able to make a big difference in my view. This band is able to do some dynamic stuff. This band is as good as Bob Marley. This band has some dynamic things. Like Bob Marley, this band is series about life which young people now refuse to hear.

Tuff Gong said...

I used to listen to this record over and over again as a kid. I only I could find it on CD.