Friday, January 27, 2012

Soul Brothers - Jive Explosion (1988)

The Soul Brothers are one of the most successful bands in South African history, having sold millions of records and CDs in their country alone. Rising from humble, working class roots in the early 1970s, David Masondo, Zenzele "Zakes" Mchunu and Tuza Mthethwa created a particularly infectious style of mbaqanga by fusing soul-influenced vocals with township jive. While Mosondo's iconic, soprano vocals instantly identify the band, the phat bass of Mchunu and the intertwined, inventive guitar of Mthethwa helped define its unique character. The early addition of Moses Ngwenya brought township keyboards into the mix. With additional vocalists for harmony, a full, dynamic band and vibrant choreography, the Soul Brothers built an mbaqanga dynasty that has weathered challenges from other pop music styles through the decades.

The Soul Brothers suffered several tragedies early in its history, including the death in car accidents of four members, including founders Zakes Mchunu and Tuza Mthethwa. Today's share is a 1988 compilation of Soul Brothers recordings from 1983-1986, selected by Earthworks' Trevor Herman. It was one of the major hits of the "world music" phenomenon of the day. Since Mchunu died in '84, several of the songs include his bass. The entire collection is outstanding, and I cannot understand why it has not been reissued. Yet prompted by another request, here it is, a great listen for animating your weekend.


Hernan said...

Hello,Rythme , Thank you , for uploading those excellents albums.

Anonymous said...

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Rhythm Connection said...

@ Heman: You are very welcome.

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Apurva Bahadur said...

Many thanks for uploading my request. More Soul Brothers please! Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Bought this on vinyl in 1987 and haven't seen it in digital form. Looking forward to playing this in the car!

Kisondella, A.A said...

I have been thinking of how will I get these masters in digital; now here comes.Thanks for posting this valuable material, looking forward seeing more of SOUL BROTHERS.

Apurva I am very happy to let me know that you are behind request of this posting

Kisondella from Mafinga - Tanzania