Sunday, July 24, 2011

Le Gran Maitre Franco et T.P.O.K. Jazz - Ekaba-kaba (1987)

Today I post my fiftieth record since activating this site in March, with an amazing (to me) 30,000 page views by you. I feel privileged to have joined this community of impassioned music lovers, and grateful that I can contribute. To celebrate, I chose to share a mint condition recording from the immensely influential and profoundly important Franco Luambo Makiadi. Recorded in the same year as Attention Na Sida, and perhaps eclipsed by it, Ekaba-kaba is another brilliant musical effort.

This recording already was posted a few years ago on the wonderful Global Groove site, but not only is the recording offered here an exceptionally pristine one, I also think that Franco's legacy is so important, that propagating its preservation is a responsibility. Inspired by the excellent, informative WorldService site, I am making this mint recording available as a lossless FLAC file in addition to the normal MP3, limited to fifty downloads of the fiftieth post.
Enjoy! or FLAC while you can!

26 July - A kind listener noticed that there was a skip at the beginning of the second track of the recording I posted. I've replaced the 320 MP3 file with that track re-recorded, but for those of you who already downloaded the MP3 album, you can download the repaired track as an MP3 hereDue to upload restrictions, I'm afraid all FLAC downloaders will have to download the repaired track's FLAC file here and replace it manually. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your 50th post.
your blog is one of the best on african music. and yes, Franco is a fitting tribute for this ocasion.

all the best
Mike, Slovenia

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this significant milestone. I've enjoyed the music that you have posted thus far, I'm also lucky to land the FLAC. Thanks for everything.


David said...

Congratulations on your 5oth birthday. I've only just started catching up but there's some fabulous recordings here I am looking forward to hearing! And how better to celebrate than Franco. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

A great LP & you have a generous heart only one thing & it breaks my heart to tell you after your hard work. Track 2 jumps very near the begining of the track. Was it an unlucky bit of fluff on the needle. Hope so.


Rhythm Connection said...

Thanks for all the kind words, and, J, for the ears that caught that skip! Embarrassing, though being a perfectionist I know I am not perfect! I'll post that song again, corrected, and re-up the files, fixed, ASAP. Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

A great lp and congratulations. you have superb vinyl. I am trying the FLAC but the first time I only got silence in stead of music. I am trying for the second time now. Anybody had the same problem? or what did I do wrong?

Thanks Richard

Rhythm Connection said...

Hi Richard. Sorry you are having trouble. I decoded the "replacement" track 2, from FLAC to Apple Lossless, and granted Apple computers do not speak FLAC, but the translated file held sound. Anybody else have issues?

Apurva Bahadur said...

Congratulations for the achievement and MANY THANKS for sharing this music.

The FLAC version plays perfectly on Winamp.

Apurva from Pune, India.

Anonymous said...

A big thank you for the replacement track 2. Now that is a pristine LP.