Monday, January 24, 2011

Pierre Akendengue - Eseringila (1978)

Pierre Akendengue is a brilliant poet-musician from Gabon who is acknowledged to be one of the most original voices in African pop music. My first contribution to The Beat magazine presented a survey of his prodigious music, up to then, which you can read here. I also interviewed him once, and that interview is here.

Eseringila is one of Akendengue's early recordings, and it is rare indeed. It took me twenty years searching to find it. I recently wrote about the search on another site. Since getting the record, I learned that it had a limited re-release on the now-defunct French label, Melodie, in 2003. That CD adds Eseringila's songs to those from the other nearly impossible-to-find Akendengue album, Mengo, but places them in a completely different order. I recommend getting one of those CDs while they last, which seems only possible in Europe.

Yet I believe it is important to present music the way the artist originally intended, so here I offer Eseringila intact. It is my first post, and the next will be in a few weeks when I get back from a trip to warmer climes.


calumbinho said...

Very impressive first post. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff this. Thanks for the share and the detailed notes.

Will love to see you upload more of his music. Keep up the good work. Well Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I´m feeling very happy because i found your blog. For many years i´ve been searching this records and style of African (or i say World) Music. Thanks so Much! I Live Again Listen this Wonderful Songs.

Thank You For All Your Albums!!!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed this one the first time around, and am really glad that I came back to it. Labala and Mbela are amazing, all-time classics. Thanks again.