Friday, November 30, 2012

Chief Ebenezer Obey - Je Ka Jo (1983)

I've had this record in the hopper for awhile, and forgot why I did not post it 18 months ago when I digitized it. Perhaps it was available elsewhere, then, or maybe because my record sleeve was trashed by water damage. The image to the left is one I gleaned from the web and enhanced.

Ebenezer Obey, of course, is one of juju's premier ambassadors, having carried his bubbling music around the world. Released on the major Virgin label during the juju rush in 1983, this album was crafted to cross boundaries, incorporating funk influences and a global pop sensibility. Simple English lyrics make the music even more accessible, and at times it sounds like juju lite. Keep listening until you reach the second side, where the wonderful dun dun talking drum is given much more space to help create rich, percussive rhythms. Mixed with laid-back singing, spacey guitar and off-key keyboards, the dun dun sets up a perfect groove to bring on the weekend.

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