Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog Etiquette

I do a pretty careful search of the web before I post a record, making sure it is not still in print and not available on the premium share sites I depend upon – those in the lower left margin on this page - or others. Yet if it is out-of-print, does it matter if more than one blog hosts a recording? How would a reader of this blog find this particular album on another site, if it were posted years ago? Well, of course, via Google; but that would presuppose the reader was looking for a specific album. 

Yet I suspected that was not the usual case. So I analyzed traffic to this site, and found that less than 1% of you reading this came because you were searching for a recording I have posted. Chances are, you are coming here to glean a near-CD quality recording of an album, and perhaps an artist, new to you. Therefore as I continue digitizing my vinyl collection, unless I have seen a high bit rate copy posted on another blog recently, I'll post my records for you, with due respect to other bloggers that have similar tastes and longer history.


Alphino said...

Hear, hear!! I totally applaud your expressed commitment to self-distinction. 'If you truly believe you are right, do it' is what I say.

LeFranck said...

I did not find you trough search but as a follower of another blog which follows you.
Now I follow you :-)
Keep up the good work.


Chris Albertyn said...

Agreed - I see it the same way. You are doing a great job - thanks for all the shares. Chris

dial africa said...

You're right! There's enough space.

Eyepictures said...

Interesting...I originally found music blogs by searching for info on a specific artist. Just a revelation to uncover so much knowledge and passion that I keep coming back, hopefully broadening my horizons through exposure!
I never even imagined that there was an element of 'competition' about posting recordings or territorial defensiveness around who put what up first... Each blog that I have found seems to have as distict a nature as its posters and their interests. And if there is incidental overlap there can be no harm done ... not much point in duplicating what you know is out there but I would doubt that anyone sets out to do that:(rather put up a referring link to it as many seem to).
I am so appreciative of those out there that consistently put in a lot of effort to share music and indeed educate.... As a 'user' I am probably a bit shallow when browsing and tend to focus on relatively recent posts in each blog but occasionally I will mine through back pages if I feel that blogger is on a similar wave length... I don't follow every blog I find but just like LeFrank I often find new blogs or individual posts through links shown on blogs that I do follow or read and may then choose to follow them too...

John B. said...

The thing I like about us African music bloggers is we're all each others' biggest fans. Whatever "competition" there is is purely of the friendly variety. So post away!

Rhythm Connection said...

Thanks, friends, for the feedback. I don't look at it as competition, at all; being relatively new in this venture, I really did not want to step on the toes of those of you who inspired me to begin. Maybe we should have a fête someday, somewhere, to meet our mutual biggest fans: ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Continue the good work!
These out of print LPs are a headache to find
I appreciate your effort
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